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Man masters nature not by force, but by understanding.

— Bronkowski
Recreate Responsibly!

While getting “out there” and getting your hands dirty, make sure to do your part to recreate responsibly. Take a minute to visit our FIND forest friends and learn how!

Read the story of Smokey Bear and how he became a national icon, and learn a few facts about his life as a bear!

Looking for things to do with your kids or class about Smokey? Check out these Elementary School  resources, which are chock full of activity guides, videos, coloring sheets and a full educator’s guide.

For the older kids, check out these Middle School resources that focus on wildfire learning materials, proper campfire etiquette, activities and more.

Campfire Safety

Learn the proper way to build, maintain and extinguish a campfire while on the trail or in a campground.  

Use this list of campfire rules as a guideline every time you’re on the trail or preparing a nice, hot fire for s’mores or hotdogs!  

Thinking about starting a bonfire in the back yard or burning some branches and leaves?  Check out this step-by-step guide on backyard burning to keep your house, your neighborhood, and yourself safe. 

Help Smokey prevent future wildfires by stopping the fire before it even starts.

For the Classroom

Want to get your family or classroom outside and back into nature but not sure where to begin? 

Natural Inquirer

The Natural Inquirer is a middle school science education journal created to allow scientists the opportunity to share their research with students around the country.

Each article explains the current scientific research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service which may include information on trees, wildlife, insects, outdoor activities, water and anything pertaining to the health of our planet.

Citizen Science Saturdays


Below are several activities students can take outside and enjoy on a Saturday — or any day! Each PDF download includes an educational guide with information, activities, and citizen science projects to help you FIND outdoors.


Project Squirrel
World Migratory Bird Day
The Water Cycle

Outdoor Science Skills

Observation Skills
Recording Skills
Sharing Skills

Woodsy Owl’s Curiosity Club

Join Woodsy Owl and friends for some outdoor adventure for young ones with forest themed stories, activities, and crafts specifically designed for children ages 4-7.

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family time

Are you looking to spend quality time with your family while learning something new? 

Story Time

Take a break and let us read a book! We have a series of awesome stories, read by Cradle Program Manager, Stephanie Bradley.  

More stories…

PITTER AND PATTER by Martha Sullivan (Read by permission from Sourcebooks)
THE SALAMANDER ROOM by Anne Mazer (Read with permission of Penguin Random House Publishers)
JO MACDONALD HIKED IN THE WOODS by Mary Quattlebaum (Read with permission from Sourcebooks)
FINE FEATHERED FRIENDS by Tish Rabe (Read with permission of Penguin Random House Publishers)
I CAN NAME 50 TREES TODAY! by Bonnie Worth (Read with permission of Penguin Random House Publishers)
MILES AND MILES OF REPTILES by Tish Rabe (Read with permission of Penguin Random House Publishers)
NOISY FROG SING-ALONG by John Himmelman (Read by permission from Sourcebooks)

Love the view?

You can help ensure that sites like this remain available for generations to come. 

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