Past Event

Kids Fishing Day

Come on out to Cliffside Lake to enjoy a day of fishing for kids! Kids bring your fishing gear and get in some fishing. This is a family friendly event promoting children learning the basics of fishing. Bring your own fishing pole if you have one. We will also be creating Christmas ornaments for the Capital Christmas Tree this year, as the National Forest of North Carolina will be supplying the tree.


Cliffside Lake


Free event for kids 15 years old and younger with a parent or other special adult.


There are no active instances of this event.

Program Details

Our kids fish day at Cliffside Lake will run from 8 a.m. till 12 p.m. Stay later for a family day at the site and as parents can join in on the fishing fun and spend the afternoon with their kids in the great outdoors. This is a beautiful site with several trails, swimming beach, picnic tables, etc. for folks to just get outside and enjoy the day doing whatever they like to do. We will also have a sign up table for the event and some prizes will be issued from a State drawing that occurs every year.

This year the National Forests of North Carolina will be providing the Capital Christmas Tree and we will have a table set up close to the sign in area and will have the kids creating Christmas Tree ornaments that will be displayed on one of the trees that are located around the White House.

We do not supply the fishing equipment for all the kids, as we ask them to bring those with them as we just have to many participants to facilitate this. We always have some equipment on site for those unexpected situations but we ask folks to come prepared with their own. The Forest Service will have a small work force on site that day to help wherever we can to help make the day as fun as possible for the kids. Most of these kids do not care what a limit of fish is as they only want to be able to catch a couple fish and enjoy the day.

With this being kids fish day we only allow participants 15 years of age and under to fish during the 8 to 12 hours in hopes to give them the best chance to catch a fish that we can. We do ask that the children are under adult supervision by whoever brings them to the event and they can assist the child with the event but we ask that the child be able to perform the fishing with the adults help. The adults can fish after 12 noon without a child but we still promote this family day to be focused on the kids and with the adults help the kids can learn the basics of fishing that we hope they will carry the rest of their lives.

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