Our Wild World Black Bears


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Our Wild World Black Bears

About This Book: There are 8 species of bears in the world. This book focuses on the American black bear, which lives only in North America. Readers will find the answers to many fascinating and fun questions about black bears: Do they swim? How do they get rid of fleas? When are cubs born? How many toes does a bear have? And many more. — Author Kathy Feeney explains many mysteries of the bear in the text and “Fun Facts.” The full-color illustrations and photographs are excellent. The index makes an easy reference. Readers of all ages can also learn more about bears by referencing the list of internet sites provided.

Our Wild World Series: This brand new children’s series includes volumes on animal species from around the world. In a fun way, each book brings to life the natural history and life cycle information kids love to read about-like where the animal lives, what it eats, when it sleeps, how it raises its young, and much more. The up-close photographs and detailed illustrations show the animals in their natural habitats. Also included are “Fun Facts,” an index, and a list of internet sites for discovering even more about Our Wild World.

Highlights: The black bear is the most common bear in the world. It is found in every province in Canada and about 40 US states. Provides the latest research findings in an easy-to-read format. Bears are a popular subject in schools. Ideal for children ages 8-12. Teaches nature conservation and makes learning about animals fun. Uses a durable softcover format that includes color photos and illustrations. Includes index and internet site list. 

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