Pocket Star Finder


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  • Fun and easy to use for ages 8 to adult
  • Weatherproof and extremely durable for a lifetime of use
  • Designed for 40° North and all mid-northern latitudes
    • Useful throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and most of Asia
  • Full Instructions are printed on The Pocket Star Finder itself

The Pocket Star Finder is an amazingly simple guide to finding the brightest stars and constellations. All you need to do is match the time on one wheel with the date on the other and an instant portrait of the entire sky is in your hands.

What makes The Pocket Star Finder great for children or adults is the clarity of the constellations. Look closely and you will see that Sagittarius looks like and archer, Leo resembles a lion and so forth. As a result, the constellations finally make sense when seen in the sky! The pocket Star Finder comes with a red filter for use with a flashlight at night to help preserve your night vision. Although inexpensive, this simple guide to the sky is truly an eye-opener that will last for a lifetime.

All people and civilizations have made up constellations for the night’s stars. In 1930, the International Astronomical Union officially divided the entire sky into 88 constellations, and these constellations are now uniformly used throughout the world. Most of these constellations as shown on the Pocket Star Finder date back many millennia. An example is Leo the Lion, which has been a well-known star group for at least 4000 years.


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