Mystical Fire


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only contains one packet.

It’s very simple to use Mystical Fire. Simply, toss packs into any wood burning fire. Then sit back and enjoy the new vibrant colors that Mystical Fire will produce.

For best results, use 3 packs at once. Add more packs as you notice the colorful flames disappearing. 3 packs should last about 60-120 minutes, dependent on fire conditions.

  • DROP UNOPENED: on fire watch the vibrant colors.
  • WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL: on any wood fire
  • VIBRANT COLORS: green, blue, yellow, and purple.
  • GREAT INDOOR/ OUTDOOR FUN: campfires, fireplaces.
  • USE 3-5 PACKETS: for best result


Pine cones and sticks dipped in chemicals require the user to touch the chemicals with their fingers, which can make the user sick if not properly handled.
Color crystals necessitates sprinkling the loose chemicals over a fire, which can cause burning and significantly increases chances of inhalation, which can make the user sick.
Mystical Fire comes in sealed pouches, which eliminates any chance of user inhalation or the possibility of touching the chemicals and then accidentally touching the mouth or eyes. It’s so easy to just toss Mystical Fire packets into a fire, which significantly decreases the chance of being burnt. Much better than having to sprinkle over a fire.

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