Past Event

Appalachian Trail Day at Brasstown Bald

A.T. Day is a fun, family event oriented around educating visitors on the Appalachian Trail


Brasstown Bald Visitor Center & Observation Tower
Hiawassee, Georgia




There are no active instances of this event.

Program Details

FIND Outdoors and the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (GATC) are partnering to host Appalachian Trail Day. A.T. Day is a fun, family event oriented around educating visitors on the Appalachian Trail, the trail’s history and development, how the trail is maintained today, and what a hiker may experience when walking the A.T. The goal of the event is to not only introduce the A.T., but also give participants knowledge on the natural world and encourage them to be stewards of the great outdoors.

September 24th is also National Public Lands Day, which gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of public lands and how they have such an important role in North Georgia.

A.T. Day Activities

Welcome Booth – FIND Outdoors

  • FIND employees will man a welcome booth to inform visitors of the day’s events, pass out promotional material, and distribute scavenger hunts.


Mini Appalachian Trail – GATC

  • Panels going up the Brasstown Bald Summit Trail represent each state an A.T. hiker would go through when walking from Georgia to Maine. The panels explain what a hiker may encounter in each state and visitors get to experience a miniature A.T.


A.T. Demonstrations – GATC

  • GATC volunteers will demonstrate how to hang a bear bag and various trail maintenance techniques throughout the day.


Mock A.T. Campsite – GATC

  • GATC volunteers will set up a campsite, which will resemble an A.T. campsite.


Leave No Trace Junior Ranger – FIND Outdoors

  • FIND educators will be leading Leave No Trace Junior Ranger activities to educate children on LNT and how to minimize their impact on the environment. Participants will be given a Junior Ranger LNT workbook, as well as a prize for completing the activities.


Scavenger Hunt – FIND Outdoors

  • FIND Outdoors will be providing free scavenger hunts for visitors with questions based on the activities and signage up at the event. If the scavenger hunt is complete, participants will receive a prize provided by FIND.


GATC Movie in Mountain Top Theatre – GATC

  • The GATC will be playing portions of a video series they created about the A.T.


Festival Booths – GATC and other participating vendors/community groups

  • Participating vendors and community groups will set up booths in the designated area in the Brasstown Bald parking lot. Here they can promote their organization and education visitors on what they do.

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