Past Event

Astro Photography


Brasstown Bald, GA


$199 per participant 



No events are scheduled at this time. 

Chris Greer and Jason Clemmons, the hosts of the new photography-themed TV show View Finders, will be leading an exclusive Astro Photography workshop atop Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia.

Participants will be given driving access to the top of the mountain. Chris and Jason will guide participants through taking pictures of the sunset, North Georgia landscape, and beautiful Milky Way. An editing session will also take place in the Mountain Top Theatre, teaching participants how to use the latest editing software.

Program Details

Are you looking to improve your landscape photography skills so you can get that perfect shot of a waterfall or even the Milky Way Galaxy? Chris Greer and Jason Clemmons, the hosts of the new photography-themed TV show View Finders, are teaming up with FIND Outdoors, a NC-based nonprofit, to offer a truly special Astro Photography Workshop atop Brasstown Bald Recreation Area, the highest peak in Georgia. The chance to gain photography skills such as these doesn’t come around very often and we’re so pleased to be able to offer this chance to YOU!

The experience will begin with an after-hours journey to the top of Brasstown to capture key elements of a daily sunset including magic hour, the setting sun, and blue hour. Participants will be allowed to drive their cars to the very top of the mountain, a very special privilege that is only reserved for the participants of this workshop. You will then receive an in-depth tutorial on photo editing with the most popular programs used today. Your all-access pass continues with instruction on optimizing your sunset photos and how to process photographs of the Milky Way Galaxy that you’ll be taking under the cover of extreme dark and atop a location that will take your breath away. This will be an experience that you won’t soon forget, so pack up your gear and we’ll help you FIND Outdoors!

Hot and cold refreshments will be served during your six-hour workshop and access to the parking area on top of the Bald will be permitted for participants.

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