Recreate Responsibly

Here are some tips from our FIND Forest friends on how you can get outside and #recreateresponsibly.

Next time you’re on the trail, remember that the forest is THEIR home and they’re doing us a favor by sharing it with US. Treat our public lands with respect, and stay safe out there!

cartoon owl

Plan Ahead

Be wise like Olive the Owl, and learn the regulations for recreation in the area you are visiting.

1. Know the area you’re visiting 
2. Always have a map and compass
3. Keep an eye on the weather
4. Take plenty of food and water

Stick to the Trails

Keep your tail on the trail to protect native vegetation and decrease erosion.

It might seem easier to take a shortcut, but by doing that you increase the damage done to the trail. Keep with the blaze!

cartoon snake
cartoon dog on a leash

Manage Your Pets

Keep your furry companion leashed and clean up after them while you’re on the trail!

Wildlife and other people don’t know your pooch. Keeping them under control is good for wildlife and everyone around you. 

Leave No Trace

Preserve the forest by leaving all rocks, plants, and natural objects where they are!

1. Camp only at a designated site
2. Wildflowers are awesome, but 
     leave ’em there for others to see!
3. Sign your paycheck, not a tree

cartoon beaver waving to a rabbit

Respect Other Visitors

Respect other folks on the trail and help them have an awesome experience as well.

The trail is for everyone. Silence phones, keep pets leashed, and allow others to pass by so everyone is safe and happy!

Respect Wildlife

Observe wildlife from a distance only. Remember – this is THEIR home!

1. Wildlife will leave you alone if you
     leave them alone
2. Keep your distance at all times
3. Take only pictures! 

cartoon sleeping bear
cartoon raccoon throwing away trash

Pack It In, Pack It Out

Please dispose of all your waste properly and keep the forest pristine!

1. Gotta go? Dig a hole!
2. Use only forest-friendly soap
3. See a piece of litter? Grab it!
4. Extra grocery bags? Use 
    ’em for litter